The Best Laptop For Machine Learning: Tensorbook

Lambda is a new hardware company that was founded in 2012 but has already produced some great pieces of hardware. In this article, I’ll go over Tensorbook, which is a machine learning laptop produced by Lambda, and why I think it’s the best laptop for machine learning.

Features of Tensorbook

Before I tell you why Tensorbook is the best laptop for machine learning, let’s start with the actual settings of Tensorbook. From a machine learning perspective, the crucial things are the 8GB GPU, 8-core processor, 64GB memory, and 2TB storage. Tensorbook is quite light concerning its size and capabilities.

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  • GPU: NVIDIA 2070/2080 (8GB)
  • CPU: Intel i7-9750H (6 cores, 16x PCI-e lanes)
  • RAM: Up to 64GB (2666 MHz)
  • Storage: Up to 1TB NVME SSD (4-5x faster than normal SSD)
  • Display: 16.1″ FHD (1920×1080) Display, Matte Finished.
  • Sound System: High Definition audio interface; S/PDIF digital output
  • Keyboard: Full colour illuminated full-size keyboard with numeric pad; W/A/S/D gaming key

Why is Tensorbook Specifically a Machine Learning Laptop?

Lambda Stack offers a very easy way to install all machine learning frameworks and libraries. With this, you can easily use and install TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, Caffe 2, Theano, CUDA, cuDNN, and NVIDIA GPU drivers. Also, If a new version arrives of any framework or any package, Lambda Stack automatically manages the upgrades. You will never face any problems with your NVIDIA drivers.

The great thing about TensorBook is that it comes with the Lambda stack pre-installed so you can update and install it with just one command:

sudo apt-get install lambda-stack
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Why Tensorbook is the Best Laptop for Machine Learning?

What’s key is that it just works quickly and allows you to train machine learning models locally on your laptop. When you are working with large Deep Learning models, Tensorbook will be able to replace the power of cloud computing for you, so instead of paying to a cloud computing service monthly, you just go for to pay upfront for the laptop. The Prices of Tensorbook starts at $ 3,300 with Ubuntu and $ 3,500 with Windows.

For comparison with cloud providers, AWS p3.2xlarge and p2.xlarge instances are the most similar and cost $ 3 / hour and $ 1 / hour, respectively. 

So if you need to run large deep learning models constantly, and you rely on cloud computing services then you will find Tensobook much cheaper and most importantly it’s the best laptop for Machine Learning. It’s not just a laptop when you use it for Machine Learning tasks, it can act as a complete Machine Learning workstation.

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I hope you liked this article on why Tensorbook is best for Machine Learning. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Medium to learn every topic of Machine Learning.

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