From Commerce To Machine Learning

Well, Machine Learning is one of the hottest career options we are having from the last two years which gave me a good reason to move from commerce to Machine Learning. With so many courses online and so many academic programmes that have evolved from the last two years has signified that Machine Learning is not that easy to learn.

But most of the courses and academic programmes are for those who are from engineering and various programming backgrounds. So what about the ones who are not from an engineering background? I will tell you, so here in this article, I will share my Machine Learning journey, as the title suggests the journey from commerce to machine learning.

Why I Moved From Commerce to Machine Learning?

The only reason that I can give is that it does not have a future or what I observed while analysing the business environment changes. What I observed was a major change in the business environment which is the use of Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to predict the future outcomes about what’s best for business. 

Earlier the higher-level managers were given a lot of importance about the decisions they make about business, but now things have changed. Now an organisation has learnt to give more importance to the data than the experience of a Manager. The business has been data-driven from the last two years. So what I believe is that we as Professionals should also change with the change in the business environment. So without wasting more time in commerce I jumped for my Machine Learning Journey.

How did I move From Commerce to Machine Learning?

Like most of us start with finding the best course, I also started the same way but My Machine Learning journey is different, it’s not just a course. I started with a course in Python, which took 2 months but I was not satisfied with the amount of knowledge I got after those two months.

So I started researching how I can become a Self-made Machine Learning expert. I started studying Machine Learning on my own without any guidance from any teacher. I was studying python in my institute where I was enrolled and exploring machine learning libraries on my own at home.

But then again I got a new challenge in my machine learning journey which is that when the classes for machine learning was about to start at the institute, we got the outbreak of COVID-19, which resulted in lockdown. So unlike others, I didn’t waste my time in a hope to start again when everything gets fine. I just started learning from books, and in the next two weeks, I learnt almost every concept of Machine Learning by sitting with my laptop 20 hours daily. 

I started with Scikit-Learn, I explored almost every algorithm in Machine Learning on my own. Then I moved to the neural networks that is Deep Learning. I learned PyTorch and TensorFlow for deep learning. I have not given much importance to Reinforcement Learning, because I didn’t find it useful.

Then to explore my capabilities I started working on projects that you can find here. I have worked on a lot more projects that I have not posted here.  

How I Became an Expert in Machine Learning?

As I am not from an engineering or a programming background, I realized that I need to do something different to make an impact so that one just cannot judge me from my non-programming background. I just thought of how I can challenge my self so that I can grow and get experience in my machine learning journey. After thinking for days, I came with an idea that I should start with my website to take responsibility of taking challenges daily for exploring and posting more than 3 concepts every day. 

The best part is this worked for me. Right now, I am guiding more than 200 people who get in touch with me daily to learn machine learning through my social media accounts. I will not stop helping out you guys to learn almost every topic of machine learning.

My Next Plans

In my complete machine learning journey, I have a regret that I never explored competitive programming. So probably my next plans in my machine learning journey are to participate in as many as programming competitions so that I can be the best than my present in my machine learning journey.

I hope you liked this article on My Machine Learning Journey from commerce to machine learning. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Medium to learn every topic of Machine Learning.

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