Machine Learning Practitioners Will Love Internet Explorer

Let me tell you the story of a small browser the Internet Explorer. At the beginning of its journey, there was a very deep love for Internet Explorer by the users, a deep and passionate love for this browser which was simply faster, better, and very much capable of anything that competition brought in the market. While users love browsers, businesses love the browser even more. The Internet Explorer dominated the market with over 91% global market share. Here in this article, I will take you through how Machine Learning Practitioners will Love Internet Explorer.

That was about 20 years ago. After years of mistreating developers, Internet Explorer has become the most hated browser in the world. It’s a relic of the past, the developers hate it. They are forced to debug work standard websites with bad developer tools. Users are frustrated because some websites are performing well while others are not at all. And companies can’t stop using it and don’t even know why they made the decision to build their exclusive web app for Internet Explorer 11 initially.

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Now, the market has totally changed and Internet Explorer is hanging on with around 3% market share. Unfortunately, this number is calculated from data collected openly on the Internet. No one knows what market share Internet Explorer has internally in companies.

How Machine Learning Practitioners Will Love Internet Explorer?

As I am into Machine Learning so I am thinking as I do, but only a Machine Learning Practitioner but all the programmers can use Internet Explorer for research works. I mean to research about making this browser better than it was ever. While looking for a good idea of how a Machine Learning Practitioner will Love Internet Explorer, I just found a Facebook post whose idea impressed me a lot. The Post says:

Hello everyone, how you guys doing? There’s a question in my mind and I just wanted opinions from you guys. As we know Microsoft is shutting down Internet Explorer from 2021. Why don’t they pull sensitive information and important databases off the record and make Internet Explorer an open source for all the technology enthusiast? For all the cybersecurity professionals, web development team, ML/AI team it could be a great opportunity. Someone can find vulnerabilities, someone can help in securing stuff, someone can help to make user-friendly webpages, someone can use ML/AI for better innovation. In my opinion, Internet Explorer should be open for all the students to get a platform to explore, learn and practice. I want the opinion of you all because this question has been bugging me up for days.


I also like her idea. So I thought of supporting her idea with my Audience. You can also her with her idea by reaching her –

My Suggestions to Microsoft

Microsoft is stuck between a rock and a hard place since no one wants its new “Edge” browser. They don’t know what to do. I would have a suggestion:

  • Create a Chromium-based browser with an IE 11 skin. Call it “IE Next”. It would practically be a variant of Chrome with a “minimal” development effort. It would be loved by developers (Chrome dominates the market right now anyway).
  • Business partners would love the “innovation” that suddenly came with the new browser. Because managers usually don’t know much about technology and care more about other things.
  • Firefox enthusiasts would like it to be based on their technology. It may seem like a very simple approach to resolve the situation. Lawyers and internal business strategies, etc., would make it impossible to carry out such a project.

In the end, I can just say that Microsoft is very much capable of building a new browser that can compete with Chrome and Firefox. I hope Me (Aman Kharwal) and Sonali Saha successfully reach Microsoft with our ideas and suggestions so that Machine Learning Practitioners will love Internet Explorer in the coming Future.

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I hope you liked this article on how machine learning practitioners will love Internet Explorer. I hope you will support our suggestions. You can also follow me on Medium to learn every topic of Machine Learning.

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