Machine Learning Books

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best machine learning books that can help you understand machine learning concepts and guide you on your journey to becoming an expert in this engaging field.

Moreover, these machine learning books are a great source of inspiration, filled with ideas and innovations, provided you are familiar with the fundamentals of programming languages. All of these machine learning books can be downloaded for free.

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Machine Learning Books

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

This is one of the best Machine Learning books if you’re an absolute beginner in machine learning, this book should be your entry point. Requiring little or no coding or math knowledge, all of the concepts in the book were explained very clearly. Examples are followed by visuals to present the topics in a more user-friendly way, to understand the vital elements of ML.

Oliver Theobald who is the author of this book has simplified several complex topics related to Machine Learning, such as its basics and other techniques such as data cleansing, regression analysis, clustering, bias, artificial neural networks, and more. The book also provides additional resources for further learning. You can download this book from here.

Deep Learning

Considered to be a very beginner-friendly book, it introduces you to a wide range of deep learning topics while also covering related aspects of machine learning. The fundamental concepts of Deep Learning are explained in detail in this book from scratch, for better implementation in the field. You can download this book from here.

Machine Learning in Action

A valuable book intended to give developers hands-on experience in the techniques required for machine learning. It’s an equally essential book for getting to grips with ML-related Python snippets, though it does require prior experience with Python.

The book contains code for various algorithms for statistical data processing, data analysis and data visualization, as well as tasks like classification, forecasting, recommendations, simplification, etc. With minimal theory, the book goes directly to the practical implementation of these algorithms. You can download this book from here.

Machine Learning for Hackers

As the title suggests, this book is not intended for hackers but people interested in practical case studies. Requiring a solid background in programming, this book aims to train you in Machine Learning algorithms. This is one of the best Machine Learning Books if you are looking to work with case studies.

Different chapters focus on each of the ML problems, such as classification, optimization, prediction, and recommendation. A significant difference from other books is its low reliance on math to teach machine learning. You can download this book from here.

Python Machine Learning

Assuming you already have a good grasp of most of the fundamentals of Python and machine learning, this book goes straight to the practical implementation of the concepts.

The concepts in the book include up-to-date explanations of NumPy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow2, and SciPy. The book prepares you for real-world challenges by teaching you about real-world challenges facing the industry.

It includes various topics such as dimensionality reduction, ensemble learning, regression and clustering analysis, neural networks, etc. It’s one of the best Machine Learning books to practice the core concepts deeply. You can download this book from here.

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