OTP Verification GUI with Python

In this article, I will take you through an OTP verification GUI with Python. At the end of this article, you will be able to send OTP, verify your OTP, and you will also get to learn how you can serve an OTP verification program in a GUI application using Python.

The process of this application of OTP verification GUI with python will include three steps: initial screen where we will write our email address, then we should get a screen where we will write our OTP, and then at the end, we should get an alert showing that our OTP verification was successful.

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OTP verification

OTP Verification with Python

Now, let’s dive into the coding section, I will first create an initial screen which should be consisting of these features:

  • We should have a welcome screen with a user field called mail_id.
  • Here the user will enter the email id.
  • It should also have a button called to continue.
  • when the user clicks continue, the control should move on to the next part which is responsible for sending OTP to your email id.


Now, our second step is to send and validate the OTP that the user will enter, so our code for this section should include some features like:

  • We need to collect the email id from the previous screen where the user will enter it.
  •  Generate the OTP.
  • Storing this OTP on a notepad file.
  •  Send OTP to the corresponding email address.
  • That’s Solve, call the following program Get OTP screen and validate.


Now, before the third, step you must generate an app password on behalf of the sender. And this account can be enabled for two-step verification. If you want to create the app password, please check this YouTube link below.

Generating and Validating OTP

Now, the third step is to generate and validate the OTP, in this section, our code should be considering the following steps:

  • We have the second screen with an Enter your OTP field. Here the user enters the OTP.
  • We have a button called validate. When the user clicks on validation, he validates the OTP.
  • We have to verify it. So first, we know what is being sent OTP. So for this reference only I have stored it in notepad.

Now, here, I will create two more python files:


and our last python file should be verify.py:

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I hope you liked this article on OTP verification GUI with python. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Medium to learn every topic of Machine Learning and Python.

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