AutoML: Automated Machine Learning

Machine Learning has been an outstanding achievement in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The algorithms behind the success of Machine Learning are Deep Neural Networks which were made after research of years through the expert researchers. The only difficulties the researchers faced was the discovery of AutoMl.

AutoML is that field that aims to automate the style of Machine Learning Algorithms. Till now the AutoML has only aimed at building solutions by joining the sensitive hand-designed components.

The only alternative method to use the hand-designed components in AutoML is the search for the whole algorithm from the zero levels. The main challenge in exploring the entire algorithm from zero degrees is that it needs intense exploration. Which has some benefits as well, though, but it requires us to go through what we already know, which may help us in improving our Machine Learning architectures.

For example, if you want to build a building from zero levels, there is very much chances of opportunities for strengthening the structure of your building rather than just constructing a building with prefabricated rooms.

What is AutoMl?


AutoML makes the power of a Machine Learning algorithm available to you even if you don’t have the complete knowledge of Machine Learning. You can use Automated Machine Learning to build the capabilities of your Machine Learning Algorithms to create your fully customized machine learning models that can be used according to the need of your business.

By the name AutoML, we get the idea that it means Automatic Machine Learning. AutoML provides the methods to make the Machine Learning Algorithms available to those businessmen who cannot hire a Data Scientist. It’s as easy as it can be used as a complete machine learning platform even if you don’t know what machine learning is about.

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When to use Automated Machine Learning?

You can apply AutoML or Automated Machine Learning if you want the Machine Learning to train a model and tune hyperparameters for you by using the target metric you specify to AutoML. The Automated Machine Learning will reduce the process of preparing your Machine Learning algorithm irrespective of your experience in Machine Learning.

The Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and other Machine Learning experts can use the Automated Machine Learning to:

  • Implement Machine Learning Algorithms without expertise programming knowledge.
  • Save time and resources
  • Leveraging the best practices of Data Science
  • Provide the most intelligent and accurate solutions.

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