The Difference – Data Science and Data Analysis

Data Science and Data Analysis have been around a lot this year. For students who are looking for a long term career, both Data Science and Data Analysis jobs have been a good option for them. We will see this trend continuing as the future is all about AI and Machine Learning.

Today every activity is getting data-driven, as data is being considered the oil of business to get all the insights to improve and grow the potential of their business.

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But the question arises now that who will draw insights? Who will work on the collected data? 

The answer is that everything that is happening with the use of data, is all done by a data analyst or a data scientist. Today, if the companies are looking for someone who can make the most by using the data, is someone who knows either Data Analysis or Data Science.

Data Science Vs. Data Analysis

Data Analysis is based on answering the questions which are generated for better decision making in the business. Data Analysis is considered specific issues with individual goals. At the same time, Data Science is based on generating new questions that a company has never focused on answering to create new innovative solutions. If Data Science is a school, then data analysis is a Classroom.

The focus in data analysis is more on the historical data, where the primary focus in data science is on machine learning and predictive modelling. The workflow of data analysis involves statistics and analysis. At the same time, the workflow in Data Science requires algorithm development and making predictions to improve the business.

Skills: Data Science Vs. Data Analysis

The skills in Data Analysis involves a very good knowledge of statistics along with –

  1. Advance Excel and knowledge of Database like SQL.
  2. Knowledge of programming languages like python or R with useful skills like statistics and data manipulation.
  3. There is no need for a Mathematical background in data analysis, but one should be good enough with statistics, database management, and predictive analysis with a programming language.

The skills in Data Science involves Programming, Mathematics, Advanced statistics, Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning along with:

  1. Expert in SQL
  2. Experienced with visualization software like Tableau
  3. Expect in a programming language like python or R.

Job Role: Data Analyst Vs. Data Scientist

The job role of a Data Analyst involves-

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  2. Data Cleaning
  3. Explore different patterns and Statistics in the data.
  4. Create beautiful visualizations for further exploration.

The job role of a Data Scientist involves-

  1. Data processing and Data Cleaning
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis
  3. Getting the insights of the business using Machine Learning models and algorithms
  4. Understanding the new trends of data to make predictions of the market.

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