Best Data Science Books

Below are some of the famous Data Science books that will help beginners explore more about Data Science and the experienced practitioners to gain more deep knowledge. I found these books really useful and highly recommended.

Best Data Science Books

Here are the top 7 books that will help you gain a more in-depth knowledge of Data science in the most critical areas like Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Deployment, and Deep learning.

An Introduction to Statistical Learning:

So, the very first book is at the introductory level, mainly for the beginners who are newcomers. This book is written by Daniela Witten, Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, and Gareth James.
Contains :

  • Easy to read and comprehend machine learning
  • Real-world cases to understand more practically
  • Examples and illustrations
  • Modules for analyses
  • Modeling in R

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists:

This book is by Peter Bruce. This book will help to build a gap between data science and statistics. The publications contain statistical concepts for python programmers. It’s a highly recommended book to understand the statistics for data science.

Data Science And Big Data Analytics:

This book helps to gain introductory knowledge about big data and covers the data lifecycle as well. Contains advanced analytics with the use of Hadoop, SQL, and MapReduce.

Useful charts, Tips tools, and exercises for Making Better Data Visualisations

Written by Scott Berinato, will help to know which table to use for your data, containing effective ways to communicate with decision-makers and practical usage of colors.

Data Science From Scratch:

This book is for the intermediate-level users who have experience but need a guide to use the available data science tools. It contains Numpy, pandas, Scikit learns, and Matplotlib.

Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective:

This book is highly recommended for expert-level practitioners. A useful book to serve as a guide in machine learning research. If you have an interest in mathematics, you are surely going to love this book.

Machine Learning Yearning:

Andrew Ng writes this book. This book will help the data scientists gain knowledge about how machine learning projects are structured and set the direction for the data science team. Also helpful in dealing with the complexities that exist in the AI implementation in the real world.

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I hope you liked this article on Best Data Science Books, these books will help you alot in your journey towards Data Science. Fell free to ask you questions related to Data Science or any other topic in the comments section below.

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