Python vs. R – Choose the Best Programming Language for Data Science

best programming language for data science

If you are planning to start with Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, then determining the best programming language is not an easy task for you. If you will consider taking any advice from your seniors, then you might get confused between Python and R.

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If you or maybe your company is new to Data Science field, then you have to choose the best language between Python and R to analyse your data for smoothly working on your data science frameworks.

The good thing is that you don’t need to think about it much because both Python and R are the best programming languages for almost every Data Science Framework because of their vast collection of libraries and tools in their Virtual Environments.

Python vs. R – Best Programming Language for Data Science

Now as you know that both Python and R are the best choices for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, so now you need to determine some factors to choose any language between R and Python.

1. Which Programming Language your Colleagues use

This is one of the most important factors to choose any language between Python and R. While working in a professional environment you will need to share your code scripts, with your colleagues.

If your programming language, will differ from as theirs, then you might feel alone while getting errors because no one would be a professional in solving your errors if their language is different from yours.

2. Which Tasks you are Working on

Python would be the best choice if you are working on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, as Python comes with the libraries like Keras, Tensorflow which will provide the best framework for your tasks.

Whereas R has its advantage in statistical modelling, R provides varieties of the model for statistical modelling to be chosen from. If you don’t understand modelling with python, then R will help you a lot with your desired tasks.

The next area where Python is better than R is while deploying the trained model into software. Because Python as a general-purpose programming language was designed for software development.

Whereas R would be preferred over Python in creating Dashboards rather than deploying the trained models. R enables you to create and design better dashboards, which could be easily shared with your colleagues for further exploration.

3. Which Programming Language your ideal uses

Every person has his ideal while getting into any field, you must have taken inspiration from any person who is already doing far better than the best with Data Science. So while following the steps of your ideal you must also explore which programming language he uses more between Python and R.

My Opinion on Python vs. R

At last, I just can say, don’t focus more on Python vs. R, If you have more potential then learn both the languages and apply accordingly to the situation. In my opinion, the safer decision would be choosing the language that you find easier.

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