By Aman Kharwal

Twitter Relationships Analysis with Python without API

Twitter Relationships analysis without Twitter API

In this tutorial I will explain how to scrape twitter data with Python and some relationships analysis based on followings and mentioning among a group of Twitter users.

Getting access to the official Twitter API is very challenging. Therefore, I searched for another solution and found out twint. This is a python library that enables you to scrap twitter data without API access.

Let’s start by importing the libraries :

import twint
import pandas as pd
from collections import Counter

Now we need to start with creating a user list that consists of twitter accounts. Our analysis will include the relationships of these users.

I have chosen some popular Twitter users whom everyone knows to make our analysis more interesting.

users = [

Following Relationships Analysis

Let’s start with relationship analysis, for this purpose we need to create a function that sends a request to twint library with a username. This function will return a list of users whom our input user follows.

def get_followings(username):

    c = twint.Config()
    c.Username = username
    c.Pandas = True
    list_of_followings =

    return list_of_followings['following'][username]

Now I will create a new function, to get different following lists for every person in our users list and store the results to a dictionary, and a list.

followings = {}
following_list = []
for person in users:
    print('#####\nStarting: ' + person + '\n#####')
        followings[person] = get_followings(person)
        following_list = following_list + followings[person]
    except KeyError:

The for loop above creates two variables, as sometimes Twitter does not respond to our request and in this case, we get an Index Error. For such cases, I have added an exception to the code to skip these errors.

Who are mostly followed by our Users?

After getting all the following lists, we can simply calculate the most common values in the following_list variable to get the most popular accounts among our users.

To get the most followed 10 accounts, we will use Counter function from collections library.

[('rihanna', 4),
 ('BarackObama', 3),
 ('Nike', 3),
 ('NBA', 3),
 ('kobebryant', 3),
 ('FCBarcelona_es', 2),
 ('FCBarcelona', 2),
 ('RecordingAcad', 2),
 ('ivanrakitic', 2),
 ('AppStore', 2)]

The result of this function is shown above. Rihanna seems to be followed by all others and in our user group, she is definitely the most popular one.

Following Relations among Users

What if we want to see who is following whom in our user group? To investigate it, I wrote a for loop that checks if anyone in the users is in the following list of another person.

As a result, it creates a dictionary of lists showing the following statuses represented by Trues and Falses.

follow_relations ={}
for following_user in followings.keys():
    follow_relation_list = []
    for followed_user in followings.keys():
        if followed_user in followings[following_user]:
    follow_relations[following_user] = follow_relation_list

In the code below, the result dictionary is transformed into a pandas dataframe for a more user-friendly visualization.

following_df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(follow_relations, 
                                      orient='index', columns=followings.keys())

Mention Counts Analysis

Mention counts are another strong relationship indicator between Twitter users.

The function below (get_mention_count) is written for this purpose and it returns the mention counts between two users in one direction.

def get_mention_count(user, mention_word):

    c = twint.Config()
    c.Username = user
    c.Search = '@' + mention_word
    c.Store_object = True
    tweets = twint.output.tweets_list
    mention_count = len(tweets)

    return mention_count

In the analysis, we will use two nested for loops to retrieve mention counts of every user to all others in our group.

As a result, we will get mention_relationships dictionary.

mention_relations = {}
for mentioning_user in users:
    print('#####\nStarting: ' + mentioning_user + '\n#####')
    mention_count_list = []
    for mentioned_user in users:
        mention_count = get_mention_count(mentioning_user, mentioned_user)
    mention_relations[mentioning_user] = mention_count_list
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Finally, we convert this dictionary to a pandas dataframe and it becomes an understandable and more easily interpretable table.

mention_df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(mention_relations, orient='index', columns=mention_relations.keys())

And we see the output of the mention counts table above. Again, rows are showing the mentioning users and columns are indicating mentioned ones.

If we ignore these values, we see that Lebron James is mentioned by everyone in the group and Rihanna looks like mentioned by everyone except Neymar.

On the other side, no one in the group has ever mentioned Neymar in their tweets.

Another interesting inference might be that Shakira mentioned Rihanna 52 times in her tweets however, Rihanna mentioned her only 7 times.

I hope you find it helpful.

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